Activities for Readers

How Baleen Whales Eat


Try this Baleen Whales activity.

View it in either {MS Word} or {PDF} format.


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How Many Whales?

Can you count how many whales are in the picture?

Small image of whales from A Pod of Orcas by Sheryl McFarlane

There is a bigger picture and some hints on this page.


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Find the Pictures

Can you find the dog?

The dog has been everywhere. Can you find 3 other pictures of this dog?

dog paws

The right pictures play a sound when you put the mouse over the dog. If it barks, then you have found one! (Try it on the picture above!)

Note: The sound in these activities doesn't work with Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla or Opera, but clicking on a correct picture will take you to a new page that tells you that you have found the correct answer.

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Updated: October 5, 2007