Author Visits

Stories open doors!

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Author Talks

Sheryl lets students in on where her ideas comes from while encouraging them to open the door to their own imaginations. She shares the fact behind the fiction in her work, and enlightens students on the writing process. Stories, games, and eye-opening writing exercises are all a part of her program.

Sessions last from 45-60 minutes, depending on the age of students; up to 75 students. Fees: available upon request.

Writing Workshops and Conferences

Keynote addresses and hands on workshops are available for students, teachers and other groups interested in children's literature related topics. (Fees Upon Request).

What Kids are saying...

"How you get ideas for your books is cool."
— Eli grade 3, Toronto, Ont.

"Thank you for telling me about how you write your stories. I am going to write books too."
— Douglas, grade 4, Vancouver, B.C.

What Educators are saying...

"Simply terrific."
— Anne Letain, teacher-librarian Taber Alberta

"We know you've made a lasting impression."
— Cowichan Valley School District Young Author's Conference, BC

"..Your words and passion touched so many people that we would like you to speak for us again..."
— Joan Cunningham, International Reading Association Conference Organiser, Edmonton, Alberta

"Absolutely fantastic--Creative strategies to inspire students."
— Chair of Weaving Words VIII: Extending Literature Through the Fine Arts

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Getting In Touch

Kids, remember to ask your teacher or parents first, before contacting Sheryl.

Contacting Sheryl:

You can contact Sheryl by e-mail or post.

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Experienced Speaker

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Award-Winning Books

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Updated: January 14, 2011