From My Upcoming YA Books

Here's an excerpt from a young adult novel I'm working on. Hope you enjoy it.


Annabel Jackson Didn't Do It

Chapter 1

It all started with Jordan—well, Jordan and the party if you want to get technical. Before that, things were fine. Well, not exactly fine, but at least I was a police station virgin. And, nobody was throwing around words like criminal intent, illegal substances, and assault.

I know. I know. This sounds more like the prime time TV shows that my mom is crazy about, than high school. I mean isn't high school supposed to the best years of your life? I'm sure that's what people say. Or maybe I read it somewhere. Not that I actually know anyone who thinks that their high school years are so hot! Still, I didn't think that I'd end up in the middle of a criminal investigation. But, it's not like you can ignore it when your best friend gets in that kind of trouble. Especially when you know for a fact like I do that Jordan is like the nicest guy on the planet. I mean yeah he's a bone head sometimes but honestly you couldn't call that criminal now could you. Of course I had no idea that they would try pinning it on me either.

You probably think that I'm being overly dramatic. My mother does. So does my English teacher for that matter. But that's a whole other story having everything to do with a totally undeserved accusation of cheating. But I'll get to that too. I just want to assure you that I am the farthest thing on the planet from a drama queen no matter what anyone says.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. That Thursday when I spotted Jordan coming down the hall towards me, I hadn't even heard of club drugs. Now I can't get some people to shut up about it. And by some people, I don't just mean my mom, although she's practically rabid about it. Honestly! The school councilor came into every homeroom after the party to talk about it. The newspaper ran articles about it, at least until that guy's car ran up on the sidewalk and crashed into the grocery store. Anyways, even the PTA had a special meeting about it. I can't go for a double mocha café latté (skim milk of course) without somebody telling me to be careful of Rohipnal or GHB or Ketamine. Now all of a sudden they're like household names as common as dishsoap. Ok, so I am exaggerating a little.

But, back to Thursday….

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Updated: October 9, 2007